pouring oil into the sink clogged drain Phoenix, AZ

Do you often experience clogged drains at home? The way you use your sinks and toilets will determine how often you’ll experience clogging. You can call for drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZevery time it happens.

Rapid Rooter Plumbing shares some practical knowledge about what causes clogged drains. Find out if you’re guilty of the following reasons.

Oil and greasy sludge

It’s easy to pour leftover cooking oil and its accompanying sludge down the drain. The same goes for other types of oily and sticky wastes. You will pay for it in the form of nasty clogs that have stuck in the pipe walls and built up over time. It’s time to call a local drain cleaning services company

Human and pet hair

It is wrong for us to assume that hair will flow down the drain without causing any future issues. Hair can build up, entangle with each other, or stick to oily residue inside the pipes. Sewer cleaning services have found accumulated hair as sewer obstructions.

Small objects and particles

Homeowners think that small particles thrown in the sink will wash away into the sewer. Small debris can build up in the pipes, more so if people pour oily or sticky wastes down the drain.

Throwing garbage into the toilet

Any drain and sewer cleaning company will tell you thattoilets are only for human waste. YYou risk complicating your toilet flow when you throw paper towels, napkins, small pieces of paper, or other “innocent” types of trash into it. These types of garbage can build up and become major blockages.

Accumulated minerals from tap water

Tap water has trace amounts of minerals and other fine sediments. The older your plumbing, the more possible it is to have mineral build-up within. You can request for a drain snaking service to remove stubborn mineral blockages.

It’s never too late to do some changes with your drain and toilet usage. Be mindful of the causes of drain clogging we’ve discussed today. It’s the most basic plumbing maintenance you can do. Consult with your local plumbing experts at Rapid Rooter Plumbing for unavoidable clogging. Call us today before these issues get worse.

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