Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew!

In this blog series from Rapid Rooter team, we’re pulling back the curtain on all things plumbing. Our goal is to demystify the often-intimidating world of plumbing for homeowners. Through expert insights and practical tips, we aim to empower you with knowledge and confidence to understand and manage your home’s plumbing system more effectively. Stay tuned as we delve into various topics, providing you with the inside scoop on plumbing maintenance, repair, and improvement, making it a less daunting aspect of home ownership. 

Kitchen Plumbing

Garbage Disposal Care: Run cold water for 15 seconds before and after using your garbage disposal. Avoid putting dense, stringy or fibrous waste like poultry skins, fruit peels, and bones down the disposal.
Grease and Oil Disposal: Dispose of grease and oil in the trash, not down the drain, as they can cause clogs.
Faucet and Dishwasher Maintenance: Clean faucet aerators regularly for optimal water pressure and routinely clean your dishwasher to prevent buildup.

Bathroom Plumbing

Leaky Faucets: Repair leaky faucets and fixtures to prevent water damage and high water bills.
Toilet Care: Address leaks or constantly running water immediately. Avoid flushing non-degradable products like sanitary products, tissues, and cotton balls.
Drain Maintenance: Regularly run hot water down your bathroom sinks to maintain flow and fit strainers in showers and tubs to catch hair and soap.

Laundry Room Plumbing

Washing Machine Hoses: Inspect and consider replacing rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses for better durability.
Efficient Use of Washing Machines: Only run full loads and use strainers on hoses to prevent lint from clogging the drains.

Outdoor Plumbing

Drainage and vents: Keep yard drains, gutters, and downspouts clear of debris and check plumbing vent pipes for blockages.
Faucets and Hose Bibs: Ensure water flows freely and check for outdoor leaks.

General Tips

Regular Inspections: Conducts monthly inspections of visible fixtures and pipes for moisture or water stains.
Use of Strainers: Install strainers in all sinks and showers to prevent debris from clogging the pipes.
Dishwasher Maintenance: Wipe dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to minimize food particles in the plumbing.
Hot Water Heater Maintenance: Regularly drain your hot water heater to remove residues and prolong its lifespan.
Annual Plumbing Inspection: Schedule a yearly plumbing check to catch potential issues early.
Yard Observation: Keep an eye out for unusual puddles which might indicate a main line leak.

Financing Through Rapid Rooter

Rapid Rooter Plumbing offers financing options for preventive maintenance work, making it easier for homeowners to invest in the longevity and efficiency of their plumbing systems. By opting for regular maintenance, homeowners can potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run by avoiding costly emergency repairs and replacements. This approach not only ensures the smooth operation of your plumbing but also contributes to the overall health and safety of your home’s water systems. For more details on their financing options and services.


We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey through our blog series at Rapid Rooter Plumbing. Your participation is key, and we encourage you to ask any questions you may have. Our aim is to empower homeowners with the knowledge they need to discern when they can handle plumbing issues themselves and when it’s time to call in the professionals. We’re here to provide you with the expertise and support to make informed decisions about your home’s plumbing needs. Together, we can tackle any plumbing challenge that comes your way!

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