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Sewer Line Inspections with Clear Video Footage: We come equipped with a high-end camera attachment designed to capture all aspects of your plumbing.

Repair Broken Lines: We fix problems stemming from installation issues, improper connections, constructions, or ground settling.

Root Damage: We fix any nature created damage to your pipes (such as tree roots or bushes).



Let’s get all the gunk out of your drains!

We at Rapid Rooter have the skillset, and the equipment, to provide sewer cabling with clear video footage. Broken sewer lines, root damage, and sewer line video inspections can be scheduled with our “Schedule a Service” button, or by giving us a phone call! Get your Peoria Drain Cleaning scheduled soon!

In Case You Didn't Know

If you’re having the following problems:

  • Slow Drains
  • Unpleasant Odor in Drains
  • Clogged Drains
  • Back Ups in your Showers, Sinks, and Toilets


Then we strongly recommend a visit from one of our plumbing experts!

To determine the root cause of the sewer blockage and find any root intrusions or breaks in the line that may affect the flow of the sewage system.

What Does a Drainage Block Look Like?

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Joe C.

“They seem to go “above and beyond” to help with our problems that arise.”

Austin R.
“I highly recommend Rapid Rooter Plumbing and will continue to use for any future plumbing needs.”
Cindy N.
“We have and will continue to tell everyone of the great service we had and continue to have them do some work for us!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!”