Best Sewer Repair and Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Sudden sewer issues can be disasterous, leading to long term issues that pop up at a moments notice. Smelly drains, consistent sewage back ups, and slow drains are all signs you may need a sewer repair.

A sewer repair isn’t something to play around with, which is why it’s important to consult a reliable, licensed professional. Rapid Rooter Plumbing is a family owned company with decades of experiences in sewer and drain work. We are prepared to take on either a big or small sewer repair in Phoenix, AZ.

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Sewer Line Maintenance

One of the best ways to get ahead of a sewer repair is by keeping up with regular maintenance. Having a camera scope of your sewer line to detect root intrusions or breaks in your line could save you from a massive back up that you didn’t see coming.

Rapid Rooter Plumbing has a fantastic program called The Rapid Club which includes a sewer camera inspection which can be used to get ahead of those repairs before they begin to show up in your home.

What are Signs I Need a Sewer Repair?

When we come out for sewer back ups, these are some of the few issues customer experience that commonly result in a neccesary emergency sewer repair.

If any of these symptoms sounds familar to you, then you may be a candidate for a sewer repair in the near future.

Picture of a Sewer Back Up

What Causes a Backed Up Sewer?

A sewer back up sucks – plain and simple. Here are some of the common causes of a sewer back up.

The best way to resolve a backed up sewer starts off with a drain clearing followed by a sewer video inspection. This involves sending a small camera down your sewer line to search for sewer imperfections. With this video, our team will be able to determine the cause of the back up as well us develop a plan of action to get your home back in working order.

Sewer Repair and Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for a sewer repair or replacement? Rapid Rooter Plumbing is licensed and insured to get the job done right. Our team of highly skilled and fully trained plumbers are equipped to handle your sewer issues quickly and efficiently. 

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